Savannah Raid Field Marshall

Moth Savannah raid Field Marshall Shellhole on the 7th April 2019.
9 Moths from Savannah crossed the boerewors curtain to spend the morning with Field Marshall Shellhole. FMS was given time to complete their business in the meeting, when Savannah was marched  in by their resident piper.  Old Bill Gavin and Adj Bruce then took over the meeting, introducing the raiding team and then closing the meeting for harmony. An enjoyable 2 – 3 hours was spent chatting in the garden, eating Boerewors rolls.  What would a raid be without some Mampoer, trying to poison the raiding team. The resident Savannah Piper entertained all with some traditional Pipe Music, the national anthem and a bit of afrikaans music – yes with a Bag Pipe.

A short post mortem after the raid