Eastern Cape Provincial Dugout


East London District Dugout

Buffalo Dixie Executive for 2023-2024

Old Bill Peter Knicklebein, Wee Bill Brett Marshall, Adjutant Haldane Cunningham, Pay Bill Patrick Stephenson


District Dinner 14 June 2024

Buffalo-Dixie catering at the weekly East London District Friday suppers.


5 Year Tie Pins Awarded

At the Buffalo-Dixie meeting on Tuesday 14 May 2024, Old Bill handed 5-year tie pins to David Williamson, Deon De Prees, Eugene Knoetze and Don Ladwig

Mothers Day Cruise

Saturday 11/05/2024. Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole arranged a Mother’s Day cruise on Gonubie River.
An excellent spot for sundowners!

On Saturday 13 April 2024, Buffalo Dixie cordially invited fellow MOTH and
their families, to a Home and Hearth Protection presentation and a Self
Defence Handgun Shoot.
Training was provided with .22 pistols in order to keep recoil and noise
level to a minimum. Own handguns were allowed after the basics had been
Individual attention to all shooters took place until the required safety
levels were reached.
Basic unarmed combat was demonstrated and practiced for real life situations
which included getting out of various holds/grips.
Qualified Range Officers were in attendance to ensure safety was carried out
as an absolute priority.
Thank you to Amatola Hunting Club for the facilities. Also to Range Officer
Patrick Stephenson and assistants Peter Knicklebein and Robin Fourie

March Quiz Meeting.

Buffalo-Dixie hosted the MOTH quiz night on Saturday 9 March 2024. First place was decided by a tie-breaker between Quizardry and 3 Chiefs+1. 3 tie-breakers later 3 Chiefs+1 took the shield.



New Installation – February Meeting

MOTHs Andrew Gibbons and Michael Bartosch were inducted at the Buffalo-Dixie meeting of Tuesday 13 February 2024

Last Meeting for the year

On Tuesday 12 December Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole held its final meeting of 2023.

Old Bill Peter Knicklebein used the occasion to congratulate Haldane and Bev Cunningham on their Golden Wedding anniversary.  In recognition of this milestone, he presented Bev with a bouquet of flowers and Haldane with a bottle of whisky.

The evening also saw the inaugural award of the Old Bill Floating Trophy, presented to the member who (in the opinion of the Old Bill) has made the greatest contribution to the Shellhole during the year.  Unsurprisingly, the recipient was Adjutant Haldane Cunningham.

The open & close meeting was followed by an excellent braai and fellowship with MOTH and family.

Bowls Day – 19 November

Sunday 19 November saw a successful Bowls Day for Buffalo-Dixie as blokes, gals and visitors  met at Typos Bowling Club.  Woods on the green were followed by wood on the braai fire and glasses raised to TC MH SM

14 November 2023

DOB Wayne McKay officiated at the induction of MOTHs Glen Reynolds and Allison Ballantyne.

Old Bill  Peter Knicklebein presented MOTH Stoffel Fourie with a shield as a token of appreciation for his service to Buffalo-Dixie.  MOTH Stoffel has, among other activities, been Pay Bill and also a valuable caterer at the East London District Dugout friday suppers.  He will be returning to Pretoria in December.  Shellhole and District wish him well for the future.

Tuesday 11 July 2023

New Executive inducted by East London District Old Bill Brent Davis


Quarterly Buffalo Dixie Bulletin Report


Night of the Basses


14th November Meeting

DOB Wayne McKay officiated at the induction of MOTHs Glen Reynolds and Allison Ballantyne.

OB Peter Knicklebein presented MOTH Stoffel Fourie with a shield as a token of appreciation for his service to Buffalo-Dixie.  MOTH Stoffel has, among other activities, been Pay Bill and also a valuable caterer at the ELDD Friday suppers.  He will be returning to Pretoria in December.  Shellhole and District wish him well for the future


Buffalo-Dixie Shoot

On 4 November 2023 the Buffalo-Dixie Shoot at Amatola Hunters Shooting Range went with a bang.  Under strict supervision of qualified range masters, Blokes, Gals and family enjoyed the opportunity to fire a variety of rifles and small arms.

After all weapons had been checked, declared safe, and secured, a comradely braai concluded the day.

Award 10 Oct 2023

OB Peter Knicklebein awarded past OB Claude Hundermark his X-Badge.

Past OB Claude Hundermark awarded his X-Badge


Buffalo Dixie Raided by Gonubie Shellhole – 10 October 2023

The orderly Buffalo-Dixie meeting on 10 October was, with due forethought and premeditation, hijacked by Gonubie Raiders.

As the raiders included Gonubie Top Table, half East London District executive and two ex District Old Bills, it was clear that heavy artillery was the order of the day.  The Shellhole sheltered from the salvo by remaining seated.

Buffalo-Dixie executive was arraigned before a drumhead court martial.  Charge: That the meeting was being held without a charter (GSO 2.1.1).

The B-D OB gallantly sprang to the defence of his Shellhole and, acting on his own initiative, moved to the wall where the charter is displayed.

In an unexpected twist, the Buffalo-Dixie charter had been replaced with the Gonubie charter.  The raiders expressed amazement at this aggravation of the crime, but decided against adding to the charge sheet.

The accused were found guilty and sentenced to remaining on the executive for the next 2 years.

Their nefarious purpose accomplished, the raiders successfully exfiltrated to the bar.


Buffalo-Dixie’s annual Bikers Day

Bully beef and rice collected at Buffalo-Dixie’s annual Bikers Day were taken to Jackie who runs a soup kitchen on the West Bank for needy families. Thank you to all the Blokes and Bikers who contributed.


Buffalo-Dixie’s Bikers’ Breakfast was blessed with excellent biking weather and generous food donations for needy persons in East London.

A big thank you to the bikers who attended, the blokes who set up and ran the event and to MOTH Trevor King for the music.

Adding an international touch was David Hope from Royal British Legion Riders Branch in UK.


A busy evening at the Buffalo-Dixie meeting on Tuesday 8 August 2023.

FoM Stoffel Fourie was inducted as a MOTH.  MOTH Charles Ballantyne received his Tin Hat, which was delayed at his induction, and MOTH Dave Toyk was installed as Sergeant-Major.

Installation of Shellhole Supporter

11 April 2023 was a busy meeting for Buffalo-Dixie.

Acting Old Bill Peter Knicklebein and Acting Wee Bill Chris Becker were formally badged by East London District Old Bill Brent Davis.

MOTH’s Harvey Cummings and Charles Ballantyne were presented with their Tin Hats by East London Pay Bill Henry Sutherland.

Buffalo-Dixie Adjutant Haldane Cunningham was awarded his C-Badge by East London District Old Bill Brent Davis.


14th March2023

At the Buffalo-Dixie meeting of 14 March 2023, MOTHs Patrick Stephenson and Harvey Cummings were inducted by District Old Bill Brent Davis. Shellhole Supporter Chantelle Wild was inducted by District Deputy old Bill Wayne McKay.

InterShellhole Quiz 24 February 2023

Ten teams participated in the InterShellhole Quiz hosted by Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole on Friday 24 February 2023.
A special twist was the inclusion of an impossible question (no correct answer) in 4 of the 5 categories. Spotting the impossible question earned 2 points. Any other answer was -2.

1st place: Quizardry
2nd place: 3 Jacks and a Jill
3rd place: Gonubie Shellhole
Thank you to Stoffel Fourie and team for the catering.

Year End Meeting – 13 Dec 2022

Buffalo-Dixie’s year-end meeting on 13 December 2022 included the induction of Graham Parrish, Luke Hattingh, Trevor Du Plessis, Johan Badenhorst and Charles Ballantyne.Welcome to the Order. Merry Christmas and Godspeed for 2023

Golf Day 6 Nov 2022

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole hosted a successful Golf Day at Python Park on Sunday 6 November 2022.
While there were no eagles or birdies, one player hit a buck – which escaped!
Thank you to the Blokes, Gals and our generous sponsors.

MOTH Allan McCormick was inducted at the Buffalo-Dixie meeting on Tuesday 8 November 2022.

Induction of Russel Petzer 11 October 2022

2 September 2022

Buffalo-Dixie hosted the East London District Intershellhole Quiz on Friday 2 September 2022.
The winners were The Fantastic Four.

New Inductions

At the Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole meeting of Wednesday 10 August 2022, Roxanne Pringle and Dylan Thomas were inducted as Shellhole  Supporters. Shane Bradfield and Danie Schemel were inducted as MOTHs.

Roxanne Pringle, Dylan Thomas, Shane Bradfield, Danie Schemel

Bikers Day

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole (East London) hosted a very successful Bikers’ Day / Bully Beef Run on 26 June 2022. Thank you to all the blokes and bikers. East London District is well on its way to also forming its own MMA Chapter.

Family Bowls Day

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole and friends held a Family Bowls Day on 16 June 2022 at Typos Bowling Club.
The club was founded by the printers at Daily Dispatch, thus the name.


MOTH Graham Cowley was inducted at the Buffalo-Dixie meeting on Tuesday 12 July 2022.

26th June 2020 “We live to lighten each other’s burden.”

Following the very successful Bikers’ Day on 26 June, members of Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole made up food parcels from the donations and distributed them to the needy from Dawn to Milner Estate.  Food, clothing and sweets were distributed.  Thank you to Stoffel Fourie, Basil Duvenage, Neil Karshagen, Peter Knicklebein, Dave Toyk and Jannie Bezuidenhout.



“Awards Evening

At its meeting on Tuesday 12 April 2022, Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole made 11 awards.
MOTH’s Chris Becker and Raoul Petzer received X Badges from District Pay Bill Henry Sutherland.
MOTH Dave Rankin received a Certificate of Comradeship from District Wee Bill Ray Glover
FOM Stoffel Fourie received a Certificate of Good Comradeship from District Adjutant Raoul Petzer
MOTH’s Dave Toyk, Keith Schenk, Jonno Neethling, Neil Karsagen, Deon Du Preez, Haldane Cunnngham and Dave Williamson received 5-year ties from District Old Bill Brent Davis.

Inter Shellhole Quiz – Saturday 12 February 2022

Buffalo-Dixie hosted the Inter Shellhole Quiz on Saturday 12 February 2022.
The winning team was Auld Scots. Money Bags, P-Rexes and Mighty Mouse tied for second with De La Salle was third place. Close behind were Punts in a Panoe, Awesome Foursome, Fast Floozies and Typos.
Thank you to all who participated and a special thank you to Stoffel Fourie and Frank Bowles for the catering
The winners L-R: Leanne Harbottle, Kim Mathieson, Sandra Rankin, Rose Thompson

Last meeting for the year

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole held its final meeting of 2021 on Tuesday 14 December as an open / close meeting followed by bring & braai. Top tables and blokes from Port Rex, Gonubie & Outpost Shellholes joined in the spirit of True Comradeship. After the toasts, the draw for the raffle hamper took place. 1st prize A. Jansen, 2nd prize Z. Williams, 3rd prize T. King

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole hosted a successful Market Day at Midnight Motorcycle Club on 20 November 2021.

At the East London District quarterly meeting on 25 October 2021 Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole was awarded the MOTH Quarterly Recruiting Trophy.

East Londondon district Old Bill Ray Glover hands over the recruiting trophy to Jannie Bezuidenhout

New Members inducted on 14 September 2021

At the Buffalo-Dixie meeting of Tuesday 14 September 2021, Louis Botha, Marc Havenga and Rodney Young were inducted into the Order. East London District Old Bill Brent Davis officiated

3rd Generation Parade. East London District. We will remember them

 Weekend Away Draw

Trennery’s Resort generously donated a weekend away which was raffled at the recent Biker’s Breakfast hosted by Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole.

SADFA Emonti chair, Elize Rogers, drew the winning ticket at the Shellhole meeting on 8 June 2021.
Congratulations to winner Warren Nienaber.

Bikers’ Breakfast  9 May 2021.

Buffalo-Dixie hosted a very successful Bikers’ Breakfast on Sunday 9 May 2021.
After meeting at East London Cenotaph, the procession moved to the MOTH Hall in Cambridge.
Special thank you from Buffalo-Dixie, Old Bill Jannie Bezuidenhout and CLA for the support.

Veterans who are not MOTH, Buffalo-Dixie extends an invitation to join with us. 2nd Tuesday of each month. 1900 for 1930. MOTH Hall Cambridge.

MOTH’s Deon DuPreezand Eugene Knoetze welcome aspiring members for East London chapter of MMA.

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole Stall Day – March 2021


In spite of lockdown restrictions and competition, the Buffalo-Dixie stall day succeeded in bringing MOTH’s and supporters together and raising funds for Shellhole, District and the stallholders.

Congratulations to all involved in planning & execution for a job well done.

Installation of Adjutant and Awards – 9 March

At the Buffalo-Dixie meeting of 9 March 2021, MOTH Haldane Cunningham was installed as Adjutant.  East London District Wee Bill Brent Davis officiated

MOTH Trevor King received his X-Badge. MOTHs Dave Rankin and Jannie Bezuidenhout received 5 year ties.


Installation of 3 new members.

Buffalo Dixie welcome this following 3 new members, who as a result of the Covid-19 where installed via Whatsapp on the 14th December 2020.

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole bowls day, Saturday 21 November 2020.

October 2019 Meeting

October was a busy night.

Frank Bowles & Dean Davidson were inducted into the Order.

MOTH Peter Wheller received his 30 year tie.
Old Bill Claude Hundermark received his 10 year badge.
MOTHs Danny Saayman, Brett Marshall & Dave Rankin received 5 year badges.

MOTHs Danny Saayman, Mark Hodgkinson & Brett Marshall were acknowledged for
service on the executive.

Golf Day

Buffalo-Dixie Play Bill, Don Ladwig, organised a golf day at Python Park, East London. In spite of the unrelenting rain, the blokes turned out to support

10 September 2019

Peter Knicklebein and Roelf Venter were inducted at the meeting of Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole on Tuesday 10 September 2019

4th August 2019

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole hosted a bowls day at Typos Bowling Club on Sunday 4 August 2019. Regrettably Sir Francis Drake was booked for the Armada Regatta and could not compete.

9 July 2019 – AGM

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole held its AGM on Tuesday 09 July 2019.  East London District Old Bill Ray Glover officiated at the induction of the new executive.  Elected to office are: Old Bill Claude Hundermark; Wee Bill Jannie Bezuidenhout; Adjutant Raoul Petzer (unable to attend meeting due to work commitments) and Pay Bill Stoffel Fourie.

9 July 2019

Andrew Gradwell was inducted at a meeting of Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole on Tuesday 09 July 2019.  East London District Old Bill Ray Glover officiated.

13th February 2018

MOTH Brett Sharp and Social Member Trevor Phillips were inducted into Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole on Tuesday 13 February 2018

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Last meeting of the year plus the induction of Shane Rademan

Tuesday 10 October 2017

MOTH Roual Petzer and Social Member Stoffel Fourie inducted into  Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole.

MOTH Chris Becker was inducted at the Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole meeting of 12
September 2017. District Old Bill Ken Scott officiated.


30 Years Down the line:

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole was established on 6 September 1987.

At the monthly meeting held on Tuesday 12 September, the Blokes celebrated 30 years of True Comradeship, Mutual Help and Sound Memory.

Shortly before the meeting commenced, Old Bill Claude Hundermark congratulated Kevin Connellan on winning the Buffalo-Dixie Key Draw, which fundraising effort has kept the eager punters on their toes for many months.

East London District Old Bill Ken Scott officiated at the induction of newest member, Chris Becker.  Longest serving Buffalo-Dixie member, MOTH Peter Wheller, provided a short historical narrative when he displayed the certificate of competency won by Buffalo-Dixie at the MOTH 21st National Bowls Tournament which took place in Pietermaritzburg  in 1991.

At the end of the meeting the Blokes posed for a group photo before the customary toasts and a selection of snacks


Front L-R: R. Arnott; M. Cock; Pay Bill B. Marshall; Old Bill C. Hundermark; District Old Bill K. Scott; Wee Bill J. Bezuidenhout; Adjutant D. Saayman; P. Wheller; S/Major C. Maroulis Middle L-R: A. Louw; M. Hodgkinson; K. Schenk; D. Williamson; D. Rankin; B. Davis; A. van Stratten; H. Cunningham; D. Toyk; G. Smith; R. McIntyre; J. Swartz Back L-R: W. McKay; N. Karshagen; I. Tarr; W. Lynch; T. King; J. Neethling; R. Beling; D. Du Preez; C. Becker; A. van der Heever


New Exec being inducted 11th July 2017

Induction of Gary Smith 9 May 2017.07.12

Induction of David Williamson  into the the MOTH

Induction of 2 new Moths

Greg Moon and Deon du Preez were inducted into Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole on
Monday 13 February 2017.
Although meetings are normally on the second Tuesday, this year that date
falls on Valentine’s Day. A strategic decision was made.



Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole open meeting on Tuesday 12 December 2016.

We were pleased to welcome 5 new members: MOTH Apie van Straaten (previously
of Aliwal North); Social Member John Swartz and new MOTHs Raymond Beling,
Keith Schenk and Robert MacIntyre.

On the recruiting front, 2016 has been a very good year and we already have
applications for 2017.

On behalf of Buffalo-Dixie, a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2017 to all
MOTHs and their families.

AGM Meeting 2016

Buffalo-Dixie Shellhole held its AGM on Tuesday 12 August 2016. In the Old Bill’s report it was noted that the Shellhole has been active and is steadily growing with recruits in the wings. The incoming executive were inducted by East London District Old Bill, Ken Scott.

1. Incoming East London District Old Bill, Ken Scott, inducting the Buffalo-Dixie executive

2. Sergeant-Major Chris Maroulis, Pay Bill Brett Marshall, Adjutant Danny Saayman, Wee Bill Jannie Bezuidenhoudt, Old Bill Claude Hundermark

3. East London District Sergeant Major Maurice Abrams keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.
4. Old Bill Claude Hundermark
5. Wee Bill Jannie Bezuidenhoudt
6. Adjutant Danny Saayman
7. Pay Bill Brett Marshall
8. Sergeant Major Chris Maroulis
9. Introducing the newly inducted executive.
10. At ease. Draw rations.
11. Guarding against dehydration.