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Award of Excellent Service – Moth Piet Combrinck

Piet Paulus Johannes Combrinck was born on the 7th of December 1965 in Roodepoort.  His schooling culminated at High School Bekker in Magaliesberg in 1982.

Piet took up his career in the Roodepoort Traffic Department on 14 January 1983 at the young age of 17

In his 35 years of service he has worked in the following units in the Traffic Department:


  • Traffic dog unit – where he was a dog handler
  • 702 Chopper – where he did traffic reports
  • JHB Freeways- combatting crime and law enforcement
  • Currently a co-Sgt. at Operations

During his career he did many courses in the Traffic Department, but one course that he will never will forget in his career is a S.W.A.T. course which he did with the Task Force in 1992 at Maleoskop, Groblersdal

Piet did his military service from 1984 to 1985 where he started his basic training at 3 Sai, Infantry School in Oudtshoorn, and 1 Reconnaissance Regiment, Bluff, in Durban

He served in the following areas on the border:  Mpatcha, Osivello, Vhembe, and Musina

The following were awarded to him:

  • Pro Patria medal
  • General Service medal
  • Long Service 30yr Certificate from Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD)

Piet is an active member of the International Police Association, West Rand Region where he assists with charity events. Piet is also an active associate member of the League of Ex-Policemen since 2015

Piet’s MOTH involvement started in 2003 when he was installed at Chilly Trench Shellhole.  He immediately made himself available and was involved in several events at the Shellhole. In July 2010 Moth Piet was elected as the Sergeant Major of Chilly Trench Shellhole and is still holding this position.

In 2016 Moth Piet was elected as the Vice Chairman of Chilly Trench cottages and still holds this position.  He was also the District Sergeant Major from 2011 until July 2016. Moth Piet led a number of parades and takes particular pride in these parades, which he considers to be one of his passions.

Piet is always available to assist with functions and events for the MOTH and is always available to visit the sick and frail MOTH members.

Piet is a keen hunter and every year after the hunting season he traditionally prepares a pot for the cottage residents and sales of the remaining food is raised for fundraising towards his Shellhole.

Piet was also a Trustee of Chilly Trench club from 2009 until 2016. He joined the MOTH Motorcycle Association in July 2015, and has been on many bike runs. He always takes on the role of Sgt at Arms on long MMA runs and has always been keen to assist with the organising and is always an integral part of the comradeship on these runs.

Moth Piet lives for the 3 Ideals of the Order, and Chilly Trench Shellhole recognises Moth Piet Combrinck’s commitment towards the MOTH, and he was presented with a Certificate of Comradeship in 2013.

Considering Moth Piet’s dedication and loyalty to the Order and his passion and commitment to the elderly, it is a pleasure for this Dugout to support an application for a CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENT SERVICE award.


Kevin Gradidge

West Rand District

Old Bill

7th August 2018


Chilly Trench has calendar of fun events for the 2023 year. The May event

3rd of July 2018

Chilly Trench Shellhole in Roodepoort had an exciting evening at their monthly meeting on Tuesday the 3rd of July 2018. The meeting was well attended where two new members were installed i.e. Gert Truter and Malcolm Lotriet. The proceedings were almost done when members from the Caprivi Protea Shellhole Krugersdorp stormed in and raided the meeting. New members were uncertain if they had to attack with their military trained “dash, down, crawl, observe, sights, fire”  or maintain the discipline of the meeting. The latter prevailed but only after members of the local club were rounded up for inspection where fines were issued for not complying with the strict Moth attire. All fees for or a good purpose.

Subsequently did the Caprivi Protea Shellhole present the Chilly Trench Shellhole with the fantastic Vacant Chair. (Refer photo). The Vacant Chair image signifies the empty space left by fallen soldiers. This Vacant Chair features a 14 Field Regiment tunic and two 303 rifles and bayonets from the 2nd world war.  We will remember them at all our meetings.

Appreciation for the appropriate gift was displayed by the executives of both Shellholes proposing a toast to one another, after the meeting, in the famous Chilly Trench pub.  (Refer photos)

L-R Gert Truter (New member), John May (Sergeant Major, Caprivi Protea), Kallie Calitz (Old Bill), Piet Combrink (Sergeant Major), Nick du Preez (Pay Bill), Malcolm Lotriet (New member, Rag Bill)




L-R Moths Adrian Eagar (training Officer), Nick du Preez (Paybill), Natasha Calitz (Scribe), Leon du Plessis (Wee Bill) and Kallie Calitz ( Old Bill)



The Chilly Trench Executives were installed on Tuesday 7 August 2016 by the West Rand Old Bill, Moth Kevin Gradidge.