Endumeni/Isandhlwana – Dundee


Kwazulu Natal Provincial Dugout


Northern Natal District Dugout

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Endumeni/Isandlwana Shellhole has an outstanding military collection that is on display in the museum. There are a considerable number of unique items with amazing stories.

The Shellhole open every Friday from 17:00 and anyone is welcome to join us for the evening. One of the MOTHs will gladly show you around the museum and tell you some of the stories.

Sit around the bar and enjoy our hospitality and get to know some of the locals and a little bit of the unique and incredible military history of the area.

Visits at other times, may be arranged with the Old Bill, Pat Rundgren 072 803 2885.


MOTH get together for braai at home of MOTH Pierre Duval last weekend – an attempt to empty the freezers before they immigrate to Mauritius at the beginning of April.

Rorke’s Drift Remembrance parade held on 23 Jan 2022

This was organised by Freedom Shellhole in Vryheid with support from Endumeni/Isandlwana shellhole.

Remembrance Parade


Cleaning the Museum