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New Members Installed – May 2019

On the 1st of May 2019, Gondar Shellhole welcomed the following three members into the Order; Hennie Joubert, Thys Rudhven & Koos Van Heerden.



A special parade was held at the Gondar Shellhole in Mpumalanga on Saturday 9 June 2018 to welcome their newly acquired Saracen to a place of honour.

At 10:00 the MOTHs from Gondar Shellhole together with Coalfields District Old Bill Len Bowker and District Adjutant Dirk Volschenk were called to order to await the arrival of their new acquisition at 10:07. After taking the salute the MOTHs then escorted the Saracen into the MOTH premises.

Once parked in its place of honour and Gondar Old Bill Koos Kleinsmith welcomed everyone present and the other speeches were completed the Saracen was launched into posterity with the braking of the traditional bottle of champagne being broken on the bow of the vehicle.

The Saracen, in working condition, was donated to the MOTHs by Mr Willie Struwig a resident of Middelburg. Mr Struwig purchased from a security company in Witbank in 2010. He worked on restoring the vehicle and now that it is in working order it will be kept for posterity by the MOTHs of Gondar Shellhole.

The Saracen was manufactured in the UK in 1952 by Alvis Limited, the vehicles all have Rolls Royce engines fitted. South Africa purchased a total of 280 Saracens, 10 in 1953 and a further 270 in 1956. These were used for training purposes and internal security purposes.  In 1975 the vehicles had to be withdrawn from service due to a lack of spares as a result of sanctions. In 1977 there was a programme to upgrade and modify the Saracens and a total of 270 were upgraded.

In 1991 the Saracens were withdrawn from service and replaced by the Ratel.