Eastern Cape Provincial Dugout


East London District Dugout

EEXCUTIVE FOR 2022 – 2023

L-R: Pay Bill Ray Glover; Wee Bill Dennis Call; Old Bill Wayne McKay; Adjutant Robin Fourie.


This last Sunday, 12th February was Gonubie Moths monthly meeting. For the occasion Viv Bezuidenhout collected Old Dalian Butler van der Vyver (left in pic) who turns 102 years old on the 26 February and his next door neighbour Viv Schroeder who celebrates 92 years old, on Wednesday the 15 February.

These Moths were collected from Butler’s house in Gonubie in a 1948 Limo that was used for the past State Presidents.
On arrival at the MOTH meeting the Moths formed an arch and guard of honour for these legends to walk through.
After the meeting Mr. Bezuidenhout drove them home again .

So very kind and thoughtful to spoil these two senior birthday boys in this very special way!


MOTHS Butler van der Vyver 102 & Viv Schroeder his neighbour 92.


Gonubie Shellhole treated MOTH Ray Heuer to a surprise 80th birthday braai at their September meeting

Monthly Meeting – 11 September 2022

At the Gonubie monthly meeting on 11 September 2022, the blokes recognized two stalwarts of the Shellhole. Mesdames Anna-marie McKay and Melody Call. For selfless and superb contributions to the blokes and the Shellhole premises for the past few years.

Meeting  – 14th of August

MOTH Chris Maroulis was installed as S/Major of Gonubie Shellhole on Sunday 14 August 2022. Old Bill Wayne McKay officiated

Monthly Darts 27 July

On 27 July 2022, Gonubie Shellhole held their monthly Darts Evening. Great fun, delicious eats and sparkling company, with Gonubie determinedly remaining District Champions.

Inductions 10 July

At the Gonubie Shellhole meeting on Sunday 10 July 2022 Paul Pierskalla and Elize Rogers were inducted into the Order.

East London DOB Brent Davis inducted the incoming executive:

Old Bill Wayne McKay; Wee Bill Dennis Call; Adjutant Robin Fourie and Pay Bill Ray Glover.

Gonubie Shellhole Turns 60.

On Friday 8 October 2021 Gonubie Shellhole had 100% attendance as the Blokes (and Gals) celebrated the 60th anniversary of Gonubie’s charter.

Congratulations on a magnificent achievement

Back L-R: Adjutant Robin Fourie; Craig Taylor; Sean Harrington; Kevin Gaffney; Walter Beck; Claude Hundermark; Chris Maroulis; Viv Bezuidenhout, Wee Bill Dennis Call Front L-R: Pay Bill Ray Glover; District Old Bill Brent Davis; Butler van der Vyver; Old Bill Wayne Mackay; Viv Schroeder; Ray Heuer

 Moth Butler van de Vyver turns 100

Congratulations to Moth Butler – 100 year old, member of Gonubie Shellhole.



Congratulation from MOTH GHQ – National Chairman – click to view

The Celebrations

MOTH, Legionnaires and members of Amatola Commando met on Saturday 27 February 2021 to celebrate the centenary of World War 2 veteran, MOTH and former RSM Amatola Commando, Butler van de Vyver (born 26/02/1921).

A guard of honour was formed and Happy birthday was piped by members of East London Caledonian Society Pipe Band.  East London District Old Bill, Ray Glover, congratulated Butler on reaching this milestone and Gonubie Shellhole Old Bill, Dennis Call, presented a commemorative tin hat.

Lt-Col Malcolm Cock presented Butler with the Day’s Orders and requested all present to sign.

At 1100 a helicopter hovered just above ground level in salute, ascended in tribute to those called to higher service, and descended in farewell before flying away.

The formalities concluded with the piping of the national anthem.