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Giant Pumpkin Competition

We had a very successful giant pumpkin auction on Wednesday evening. All the local businessmen and other larnies were in attendance. Farmers from Tzaneen and Hoedspruit donated crates of tomatoes, sweet potatoes and bags of butternuts. Altogether we raised +_  R80,000.00 for local charities and families in need!! My biggest pumpkin went under the hammer for R56,000.00 and the other two for R3,8k and R3,5k. Pumpkins were left for us to de-seed and donate the flesh to charities! Final figure to be confirmed on Monday but certain it will be 80k plus. All local charities and  the needy received plenty vegies on the evening. Pumpkins to be cut up tomorrow, seeds dried and sold in mid April. Expecting a further R5k from seed sales to add to the 80k! Very successful  pumpkin project indeed! Am very chuffed!!  Skip.