Port Rex


Eastern Cape Provincial Dugout


East London District Dugout

EXECUTIVE for 2023 – 2024

New Executive are Old Bill Clegg Naude, Wee Bill Raoul Petzer, Adjutant Barry Wade and Pay Bill Henry Sutherland


Induction Evening 7 May 2027

Inducted at Port Rex Shellhole’s meeting on 7 May 2027. Dean Poulton & Cheryl Jordan (Shellhole Supporters) and Anton Scheepers & Leslie Nicholson (Moth).

01 August 2023

At the Port Rex Shellhole meeting on Tuesday 01 August 2023, Shellhole Supporters Gary Johnson, Emmy Hammond and Amanda Naude were inducted into the order.

4 July 2023

A busy evening for Port Rex Shellhole on Tuesday 4 July 2023.  Shellhole Supporter Susan Reynders was inducted and MOTH Raoul Petzer was awarded the Certificate of Comradeship.

2nd May 2023

MOTH’s K Pape and G Dalton were inducted at the Port Rex Shellhole meeting

At the Port Rex Shellhole meeting on Tuesday 7 March 2023 MOTH Bryan Heath and Shellhole Supporters Wade Lynch, Trevor Phillips and Luke Murray were inducted.