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R1 AGM Nov 2022 – 3 years down the line.

The Shellhole’s meeting and AGM took place on Saturday and the Memorial Service (which was included in a full bells-’n-whistles Eucharist service) in St. Canice’s Cathedral in Kilkenny followed on Sunday 13th November.

A view from Zoom.

R1 Shellhole Represents the MOTH at the Ceremony of Remembrance in Dublin, Ireland.

R1 Shellhole held its first official meeting on Saturday the 24 July 2021.

It was an auspicious day for us as we inducted 5 new members. Unfortunately one of the new recruits couldn’t make it due to his wife’s ill health.

We therefore had 16 members present. All new members were duly presented their Tin Hats, R1 “balkies”, attestation certificates, etc .

The Certificate of Comradeship were awarded to Old Bill Bruce de Kocks and Shellhole Sgt-Major Mike Botha by Moth Ozzie van Oosten.  It was in recognition of the work that these two Moths have put into having the Shellhole officially Chartered and their efforts to recruit new members.

The formal meeting went according to MOTH protocol and was well received by all.

Following which, as explained to the Old Bill by Moth Ozzie, the tradition of raising glasses for the toasts was carried out – also in true MOTH fashion.

Once the Important part was over, the members reverted to civvy attire and proceeded with that great Irish tradition – a BRAAI

New Recruit being pinned after Installation.


Sgt Major Mike Botha awarded the Certificate of Comradeship by Moth Ozzie


Old Bill Bruce de Kok awarded the Certificate of Comradeship by Moth Ozzie



and a meeting would not be a meeting in Ireland without a good braai








A New Shellhole is Chartered – R1 Shellhole, Kilkenny, Ireland

At 14:00 sharp on Saturday afternoon 9th November 2019 a new Shellhole started proceedings at its’ inaugural gathering in County Kilkenny, Ireland.  This new Shellhole has been officially Chartered as R1 Shellhole.
The meeting was unique in many respects, in that it is the first Shellhole to operate in Ireland, its’ core membership transferred from Cyber Shellhole into R1, and the proceedings were done “to the Book” with instruction provided supplied via electronic communication prior to the Ceremony and training video’s sent to the Appointing Officer, Moth Michael Botha.  This last point is made even more special, since none of the Moths on parade had ever attended a “formal” meeting before and there were no Moths present to act as ambassadors on behalf of the Order.
With the members who had transferred and a few new Moths to be inducted into the Order,
7 were present with 2 apologies for being on Sick Parade.

Moth Botha was duly introduced to the Floor by Moth Bruce de Kocks and he proceeded with the matters at hand, namely to open the meeting in the proper MOTH manner and to formally install the incoming Officers.  These are:
Old Bill:                       Moth Bruce de Kocks
Deputy Old Bill:         Moth Stephen Mynhardt
Adjutant:                     Moth André Hillebrand

Old Bill de Kocks then inducted the new members into the Order.
The meeting was closed at 14:45, followed by that age-old Irish tradition – a Braai – in the company of new MOTH families.

The following day (Remembrance Sunday), suitably cleaned up and correctly dressed, the Shellhole members attended at service at St. Canice Cathedral where the Old Bill laid a wreath on behalf of the Shellhole and the Order.  Members and families followed the service with a formal luncheon at a nearby hotel.

The opening of R1 Shellhole was a resounding success and it certainly bodes well for the MOTH’s International footprint.  Ireland has very many ex-pats from Southern Africa and, potentially, we may see some more Irish Shellholes in the not-too-distant future!
It is certainly a feather in the cap for the chaps who drove the process to open the Shellhole – a 3-year project that took time, energy and much planning with assistance from various South African-based Moths.
It is also a feather in the cap for Cyber Shellhole, whose main aim is to promote MOTHing to the rest of the world.  Cyber may have lost some members from its Nominal Roll, but the Order has gained a Shellhole.

The next step is for the membership to design a Shellhole plaque, to be added to the collection on display at Warriors Gate, and a Shellhole banner.

The National Executive and General Headquarters have issued greetings and congratulations, and all Moths convey to R1 Shellhole their best wishes and trust that, in growing from strength to strength, our “Irish” bretheren will fly the MOTH high for all to see.