Free State & Northern Cape Provincial Dugout

The Crusader Moves to Sandy Shellhole

( Extract taken from Warrior Shellhole website)

2 October 2021. Another sad day for Moth Warrior Shellhole, but a happy day for Sandy Shellhole as they fetch their new asset – a Crusader Tank. The exercise was scheduled for 9h30 in the morning. 9h00 it was miserable, wet and the weather did not look like it would let up. Sandy Shellhole was there in force. Nervous but keen to get going. The big question was, would they be able to release the brakes so the tank would roll. The team started releasing the brakes – they had a tank tiffy who new what was required.  9h45 the huge recovery vehicle arrived and shortly after that the “flat bed truck” Now the test. Would they be able to pull the tank tuning it 30 degrees to the right and then up onto the road and then turning the tank 45 degree left, without damaging tracks or the premisses. The photos tell the story.

The Happy crew on the day.


Now we have 1 more item to move – the Bofor. This 40mm gun is off to Durban – Moth Warriors Gate our National Shrine, but not straight there. We are doing a swap with Sandy Shellhole as they have 2 identical guns. This Warrior Bofor will go to Sandy, snd they will then send their gun to Warriors gate. This will all be done at Sandy Shellholes Cost. Thanks very much.