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Kwazulu Natal Provincial Dugout


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Certificate Of Excellent Service Awarded to Moth John Goodrich. 21 oct 2023

It was during Twilight Red Tab’s annual Dinner on Saturday 21st October 2023, with about 140 Moths and partners present, that Moth Goodrich was surprised learn that KwaZulu Natal Provincial Dugout had approved the award of the Certificate for Excellent Service to him.

Moth John was called On Orders while the Shellhole’s Old Bill, Moth Nick Potgieter, read the citation.  Thereafter, Provincial Old Bill Nick Skipworth-Michell formally presented him with his Certificate and lapel pin.

This award for Excellent Service to Moth Goodrich is most certainly well-deserved and long overdue.

MOTH John Goodrich Excellent Service Award Citation

Delmein Shellhole and Twilight Red Tab Shellhole raise funds for a Veteran who was going Blind.

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