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Up North Shellhole started on 14th December 1944 in Pietermaritzburg with 14 members – the original attendance book remains in our possession and bears testimony to this humble beginning. At its prime, the shell hole boasted 182 members before falling into steady decline. More recently though, the Shellhole has enjoyed an upswing and current membership stands at 70 active members. In its illustrious 76 year history, Up North has met at various venues throughout Pietermaritzburg before settling at its current location, namely, the Pietermaritzburg PMC MOTH Hall – which is also part of the MOTH Cottages in Grosvenor Road.

The Shell hole holds two meetings a month (one day and one night) and over the years, many shellhole members have additionally served with distinction at Provincial Executive and District Dugout Executive levels.

Up North have 3 Life Members on its books, with the oldest Doug Rogers being 97 years old. [Updated March 2021].

Shellhole Executive 2020 – 2021

(Left to Right Moths Andre Boshoff (Adjutant), John Miller (Wee Bill), Trevor Scheepers (Old Bill) and Colin McAllister (Pay Bill)

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Valentines Function 2017

Sunset Call:

Up North Shellhole Administrator Moth Henry Davis


It is with great sadness that we announce that Moth Roy Hendry of Up North Shellhole has answered the Sunset Call. A highly respected Moth, person and family man. Our sincere condolences to his wife Barbara and the families. ”We will remember him.”

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