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Up North Shellhole started on 14th December 1944 in Pietermaritzburg with 14 members – the original attendance book remains in our possession and bears testimony to this humble beginning. At its prime, the shell hole boasted 182 members before falling into steady decline. More recently though, the Shellhole has enjoyed an upswing and current membership stands at 70 active members. In its illustrious 76 year history, Up North has met at various venues throughout Pietermaritzburg before settling at its current location, namely, the Pietermaritzburg PMC MOTH Hall – which is also part of the MOTH Cottages in Grosvenor Road.

The Shell hole holds two meetings a month (one day and one night) and over the years, many shellhole members have additionally served with distinction at Provincial Executive and District Dugout Executive levels.

Up North have 3 Life Members on its books, with the oldest Doug Rogers being 97 years old. [Updated March 2021].

Shellhole Executive 2023 – 2024

(Lto R) Pay Bill Clive McAllister, Wee Bill Keith Parsons, Old Bill Trevor Scheepers and Adjutant Andre Boshoff
Up North Shell hole with District Old Bill and District Adjutant in attendance at the 2023 AGM


News / Recent Events

April Inductions

Up North Shell hole. At our April Meetings 2 new Moths were inducted. Welcome to both these both our new Moths.”


New Moth inducted

At the February meeting, we welcomed Moth Waldo Uhlmann to the fold. Pictured right is OB Trevor Scheepers congratulating him on his induction.

January 2024 Meeting

At our January evening meeting we inducted several folk. Pictured we see Wee Bill Keith Parsons along with Moth Mike Bosman welcoming them all to Up North

Left to right: Wee Bill Keith Parsons, Shellhole Supporters Thaine Verheijen, Pam Mulder, Marie Labuschagne, Kim Van Niekerk along with Moth Mike Bosman.

Up North Remembrance Parades.

Up North along with other Shell holes at the District Remembrance Parade held at Allan Wilson Shell hole. Sergeant Major (retired) Moth Eddie Parkin laying a wreath on behalf of Up North.


Up North Representatives at the Mount Memory Remembrance Parade

Left to Right: Moth Colin Van Biljon, Moth Clive McAllister ( Pay Bill), Moth Cas Aucamp, Moth Layton Howard ( Play Bill) and Moth Trevor Scheepers (Old Bill)
Adjutant Moth Andre Boshoff and Wee Bill Moth Keith Parsons at Maritzburg College Remembrance Day Service

New Recruit

“Up North Shellhole – At our October meetings we inducted Joe Phelan as a Moth (afternoon meeting) while Moth Clive Van Niekerk was inducted as Supply Bill (Evening Meeting).

Old Bill Trevor Scheepers unveiling the new Up North Shellhole Banner with Up North Mothwa Lady Billie, Marie Labuschagne – who kindly made the banner.

Congratulations to the Up North B Team.Winners of the A Division at the 2023 Moth’s National Bowls Tournament held at Park Hill in Durban. . Well done Boys!

Left to right – Gerry Van Rensburg, Wayne Claasen, Frank Lategan and Rian Van Rensburg

Up North Shell hole – Evening meeting 13th June, 2023. At our meeting last night, Moth Peter Erasmus was presented with his Long Service Tie. He has now been a Moth for 50 Years and first joined the MOTH at Flagstaff Shellhole, in Salisbury Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe). He was 19 years old at the time and he is also part of a proud family tradition of Moth members. This has included his late father and brother, Moth Steve Erasmus – who currently serves as our Sgt. Major. In acknowledgement of this prestigious achievement, Up North awarded Moth Peter Erasmus a Life Membership certificate. Wow!! Pictured are Moth Peter Erasmus displaying a very “rare tie” as well as receiving his certificate from the Old Bill, Moth Trevor Scheepers.

Installation of Supporters – |April 2023

At Up North’s April Meeting, three Shellhole Supporters were inducted, namely Linda Lederle, Samantha Lederle and Lynne Orr.

What made the occasion even more special, was that the ladies, all previously Friends of the Moth, shared the distinction of becoming Up North’s first Shellhole Supporters.

We wish them a happy and long stay at our shell hole. “Keep up the good work girls!”

Back (L-R) Sergeant Major Steve Erasmus, Old Bill Trevor Scheepers Front (L-R) Shellhole Supporters Linda Lederle, Samantha Lederle and Lynne Orr.


Up North Members honoured by District 11 Feb 2023

At the District meeting held on Saturday 11th February 2023, two members of Up North were presented with a C Badge (Certificate of Comradeship). This was in recognition, amongst other duties, for their outstanding work done at the Garden of Remembrance, Pietermaritzburg – which falls under the jurisdiction of District.

Moth Mark Bromfield has regularly and over an extended period, cleaned the surrounds of the G.O.R. while also tackling any required maintenance jobs. Moth Peter Wilson, while still a relatively new Moth, was also recognised for work done at the Garden of Remembrance.

In addition, Moth Peter was instrumental in initiating the transfer of two guns from the Cenotaph, in the Centre of Pietermaritzburg to Moth property – where they will be more closely cared for.

Although his action was initially executed while representing SA Legion, District was grateful that this gesture included the MOTH and ultimately this has benefitted both organisations.

Congratulations to both gentlemen, we are proud of you.

(Left to Right) District Old Bill Teus Bezuidenhout, Moth Mark Blomfield, Moth Peter Wilson and District Adjutant Dup Du Plessis.


Valentines Function 2017