Sunset Call : Moth Michael Long 12 May 2021 – Crator Shellhole

Michael Long answered the sunset call to higher service on 12 May, 2021 in Life Cosmos Hospital.

On Friday, 21 May, 2021, fellow MOTH Members, Friends of the MOTH, family friends and gathered under the famous “parade tree” at Witbank Sound Memory Cottages to participate in an open-air service and pay their final respects as well as to celebrate the life of Moth Mike Long of Crater Shellhole. Subsequent to the service, Moths also stood to attention when Mike’s plaque was mounted on the MOTH Wall of Remembrance by his son David.

He is survived by his sons David and Nigel and his daughter Michelle and seven grandchildren.

As a resident of Witbank he was known as a prominent businessman, bowls player and sports lover and he retired to Witbank Sound Memory MOTH Cottages, proudly living in the Crater Shellhole flank in the MOTH Village.

Moth Mike would have been 82 years old on Saturday 15 May 2021

He was the oldest Moth serving in Crater Shellhole. Michael was very popular amongst his moth comrades and it is perhaps significant to note that he was asked to carry the Order’s Standard (Flag) at the last Armistice Parade he attended in November 2020.

The fact that he was always asked to do the toast to “Absent Friends” at veteran gatherings shows that his sincere and caring attitude was held in high esteem by all.

We will remember Moth Mike Long

Mike Long at the 2020 Armistice Day Parade.