Sunset Call – Moth Neil Coleman

It is with great sadness that I advise the rather sudden passing of Neil Coleman, Tripoli Shellhole’s Sergeant Major.

It is still unclear as to exactly what his actual medical complication was but it appears to have had something to do with a major blood vessel and his large intestine. He underwent major surgery to address the issue a couple of days ago but his blood pressure dropped too low for any further surgery to be carried out. He was put on life support and I was advised yesterday morning that if his condition did not improve, there was a likelihood that the life support machines would be turned off.

At 08:00 this morning I received the news that he had passed away – not sure if it was a natural passing or if the machines had been turned off.

I shall pass on information regarding his service as and when it is available for anybody who may wish to attend.

We Will Remember Him 


 Denis Crook

Old Bill : Tripoli Shellhole