Sunset Call: Old Bill of the Order Dave Revell 2nd August 2020

With great sadness, Cape Western Provincial Dugout has to inform, that 22748 Moth David Michael Revell of Red Barn / Tavern of the Seas Shellhole and serving Old Bill of the Order, has answered the Sunset Call and has gone to meet the Higher Command. Sincere condolences are extended to his widow Maureen and sons Michael and Steven. The Revell’s were married for a period well over 50 years.

Born in London in 1942, Dave Revell joined the Royal Navy in 1957 and, between 1962 and 1964, served on HMS Afrikander at Youngsfield Military Base.  Upon his discharge from the Royal Navy he was approached to play soccer semi-professionally for Cape Town City but, with a young family to support, he opted to join the South African Navy and was amongst the first crew members to receive training on the Daphne-Class submarines.  He then served as a Submariner for the following 11 years.  Dave retired in 1998 with the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1.

Moth Revell joined the Order at Red Barn/Tavern of the Seas Shellhole in 2002 and, later that year, was elected as Deputy Old Bill, becoming the Old Bill in 2004.  During that time he was personally responsible for the building alterations and improvements of the Shellhole Canteen area.  These changes much improved the premises and inevitably led to the growth in membership.

During his tenure as Old Bill, the Shellhole grew to over 50 members. Moth Dave’s willingness to support major projects was noted and he was elected as Provincial Deputy Old Bill in 2008.  He declined the post of Provincial Old Bill on more than one occasion, opting to ensure that the strength and growth of his Shellhole remains on course.

In 2015, he assumed the post of Provincial Old Bill and immediately made his mark.  He set the example of leading from the front and expected the same of his executive committee and, during his 3-year tenure, the Province won the Dugout of the Year Trophy in 2016 and Best Recruitment Trophy for 3 years in succession.  The annual Memorial Services in the region saw much-improved attendance during a period where the Department Military Veterans’ support was present, and Moth Dave managed those difficult situations with great diplomacy.

The highlight of his period as Provincial Old Bill came when Cape Western hosted a very successful MOTH 90 celebration in Cape Town.  Many visitors, including the Old Bill of the Order, Moths from across the country and Raiding Groups attended and, with his leadership and through the endeavours of the Dugout, were treated to a spectacular weekend where all events were substantially subsidised.

An unassuming man who, with humour, very effectively went about his work, Moth Revell was never afraid to speak his mind or to discipline errant individuals or units when required.  Diligent and committed to his duties, no issue or problem was too onerous for him to resolve or to quietly provide advice and guidance and his calming influence was always an open secret within the Dugout. Moth Revell was awarded the Certificate of Comradeship in July 2006 and, in October 2012, the Certificate for Excellent Service. During November 2019 he was appointed Old of the Order.

As Old Bill of the Order he was invited to visit the Eastern Cape Provincial-, Free State & Northern Cape-, KwaZulu-Natal- and Platinum Provincial Dugouts. Excluding the Port Elizabeth visit, all other invitations had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Dave Revell will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Rest in peace Brother Moth

David Michael Revell

14:08:1942 to 02:08:2020



Yours Under the Tin Hat

Moth Philip McLachlan
Old Bill
0202 Marshal Smuts Shellhole











GHQ 2020.24 Sunset Call, Moth Dave Revell