The MOTH moves into a new era

Thanks to Covit-19, the MOTH has had to look at alternate options to operate. Historically the MOTH at all levels, has physically got together to have meetings to discuss matters that need to be addressed. Tuesday the 12th May 2020, 19h00 saw the Full National Executive have a virtual meeting. All 10 members connected into a Video Conference using Zoom. A first for the National Executive. This proved to be very successful and ensures that technology will be used going forward to assist Moths at all levels to ensure that they can communicate at quick notice without expensive travelling.

All Moths around the globe are urged to follow on with this trend to ensure that it is “business as usual” regardless of restriction as a result of Covit-19.

Other units around the country have also ben successful with technology. The Future of the Moth committee has had several meetings using zoom and has assisted other units get connected and have meetings. Cape Western Provincial Exco, including the Old Bill of the Order have had meeting. Platinum have had several meetings, eg Platinum Exco, Cottesloe Homes Exco, Peace Haven cottage meeting with Platinum Exco to mention a few. Crater Shellhole has done similar but via Whatsapp.


There are many more Shellholes that are starting to use Video conferencing as a tool to ensure that business continues.