This day in history: Sunday 07 April 1946

Fellow Moths and Shellhole Friends

To the memory of and in proud thanksgiving of our 57 founding members, to all those committed Moths and Friends who served at our Shellhole over the years, through good times and bad times, hardship and joy.

Please be assured, lesser Shellholes, ones with a weaker will or inferior skill did not make it this far. All of you remained loyal to the Shellhole and the Order, giving practical expression to the Three Ideals to the limits of your gift for Mothdom.

All along the way you had given your all, for your families, for your community, for the Order and the Shellhole and most importantly, for our country. Today there are no regrets and Old Bill Chantèl Marais may gladly report:


Yours Under the Tin Hat

Moth Philip McLachlan