Tim Lukin assist the “Needy” during Lock Down

It is in hard times like these where we as a Shelhole we must pull together and help our fellow members. And that is just what we as Tim lukin did. After an initial assessment and survey, the Tim Lukin Members in need was identified. The Shellhole donated the funds to purchase the needed groceries, when in turn a Member of the Top Table purchased it on their behalf. Further to this a Member volunteered his services with he transport and the rest is history!!
The delivery took place this morning, 16 April just after 10:00am. Thank you to Moth Joey and Moth Mike who delivered the parcels to Dickie Fritz this morning and to Detective Francois from the Cleveland SAPS for the escorting of !.
Attached is a photo of the back of the vehicle that transported the parcels as well as a photo of Detective Francois. There is further 2 photos of Tim Lukin Members who received the parcels on behalf of our Members at Dickie Fritz.
We would like to thank each and every Tim Lukin Member who was involved in this initiative, whether through a financial donation, transport, buying of the groceries, phoning Members to find the ones in need or in any other way!!
We salute all involved !!
Old Bill Colin Byrne
Tim Lukin Shellhole
The Goodies for the Residents


Members of the Shellhole that helped


Detective Francois