Warriors Gate award Ms. Rhinesha Dayanand

In October two achievement certification awards were presented to a non-Moth who has gone beyond and above expectation in assisting the Order.


Ms. Rhinesha Dayanand an avid amateur and aspiring artist and horticulturist, volunteers her time to the preservation of our artefacts at Warriors Gate, also being part of the team ensuring correct cleaning protocols and exhibit alignment was achieved during the recent Warriors Gate clean-up with the assistance of the Scouts and our Museum Curator.

Her unwavering dedication in continual assistance with the upgrading of the Mount Memory Memorial in the Drakensburg with a vast arrangement of new flowers and fauna, all at her donated cost and time, and being some 250km drive either way from her home is commendable.

Her ongoing commitment in supporting at Warriors Gate and Mt. Memory for the preservation of our legacy and historic memorial landmarks, has earned her the admiration of the Warriors Gate committee, Museum Curator and Chairman, as well as mentor and role model to the young Scouts she continues to inspire.

The committee has no reservation in presenting Ms. Dayanand both a Friend of Warriors Gate certificate and the Good Comradeship certificate “G” for a non-Moth.


Moth Michael Lee

Chairman – Warriors Gate & Mount Memory