Warriors Gate – Moth Shrine & Museum

Located at the corner of KE Masinga (Old Fort Road) and Masabalala Yengwa Ave (NMR Ave), Durban.
(Opposite the Kingsmead Cricket Stadium)

OPEN Monday to Saturday excluding Sunday & Public Holidays.

(Strict access control measures in place aligned to covid regulations.)

Hours of Opening
Monday to Friday10h00-15h00
Closed Sunday, Monday & Public Holidays
Entrance: FREE. Donations are however welcome towards the upkeep of the Museum.
Contact:  (including for Tours and School Groups)
Custodian of Warriors Gate Museum:    Cedric Carr
Office Hours:                                                031 307 3337
Mobile:                                            083 307 7464
Email:                                                          [email protected]
Chairman of Warriors Gate & Mount MemoryMichael Lee
Mobile:                                                             082 305 5036
Email:                                                             [email protected]
(Address emails directed, Attention: Chairman MOTH Museums & Memorials))

Photos of the Museum and Shrine

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