Warriors Gate receives Bofor Gun

A new acquisition to Warrior’s Gate, 40mm anti aircraft Bofors Gun. Moth Thys and Moth Hendry from Sandy shellhole arrived around 2pm (being on the road from 4am) We completed the offload and assembly around 17h30. Phase two of 5 complete regarding static displays planned.

😉 Many thanks Moth Chair Andy for driving this for us.

Mike Lee.
Chairman MM&M

Bofor 40mm anti aircraft gun at its new home “Warriors Gate” Durban
Moth Thys and Hendry from Sandy Shellhole, with a certificate confirming the completed hand order of the Bofor from Warrior Shellhole
Moth Mike Lee hand over the certificate to Moth Thys

The Bofor was originally from Warrior Shellhole. Sandy Shellhole claimed the Crusader Tank and asked for the Bofor as well for their collection. They had 2 identical Bofor guns and were keen to do a swap and ensure that one of the Sandy Bofors got delivered to Warriors Gate at no cost.  Thanks you very much Sandy Shellhole.