Where are the 3 Moths now?

I am going through the Home Front Magazines looking for information/ History on Better ‘Ole Shellhoe and it’s formation. I came across this article of the MacDermid Family in the March 1990 issue. Gordon MacDermid was Old Bill of the Shellhole, 1989, 1990 & 1991 and as the article reads,Gordon inducted his three sons, Graham, Malcolm & Wyndham (Winks as he was known) Winks was Old Bill in 2001.

The question is Where are the 3 Moths now ? Can any Moth out let me know (Peter Shattock)

Moth Gordon MacDermid has since Answered the Sunset Call some years back, Mon 13th March 2006.

I remember one Saturday at Better ‘Ole after the meeting and all in Harmony, Gordon was about to leave and had actually gone out of the front, to his red VW Citi Golf, started up to go and some how he was called back into the Shellhole for . . . . . . may be another drink. Well he may have turned the engine off, but he had left the keys in the ignition ! L Any way when he did decide to leave . . . . . . . “Look Mom no car” He was then living at Flamelily Park ,

I can’t remember how he got home.

The war Correspondent.
1990 Mar McDermid-01

1990 Mar McDermid-02

1990 Mar McDermid-03