Message  from the

National Chairman

Andy Boden

Firstly, I would like to start off by thanking MOTH GHQ for nominating and installing me as the National Chairman for 2021-2022. It is a great honour and I will give it my best shot. It is a first for the MOTH, to have a National Chairman that does not reside in Kwazulu Natal, showing that the MOTH is committed to change and is keeping up with the times. I know I have some big shoes to fill, having worked under past National Chairmen Moths Eric Hills, Cas Aucamp and Tony Munnik, all who have taught me a lot about MOTHing.

As another year comes to an end, I take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions to the MOTH. It was a disruptive year again, because of Covid-19 and various levels of lock-down. As Moths, we have proved that we can adapt to changing times. Many units and individual members went out of their way to help Moths as well as ex-servicemen and woman who were battling because of the state of the economy. This shows that we know how to live our 3 ideals – TC, MH and SM. Unfortunately, we lost some Moths to this dreaded Covid-19. Our condolences are sent to their families and friends. We Will Remember Them.

The Festive Season has arrived, and most MOTH Units are closing until the New Year. I wish you and your families a very blessed Christmas and all the best for 2022. I certainly hope that we can get back to normal life soon. As the 4th wave threatens us, please, to you and your families, say safe and make sure you don’t become another statistic that results in yet another Sunset Call.

Wishing you all a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Yours under the tin hat

Moth Andy Boden
National Chairman