East Rand District Dugout

L-R Old Bill Jim Frieslaar, Deputy Old Bill Rob Beech , Adjutant Wessie Wessels &; Pay Bill Kevin Fenton


Old Bill Jimmy Frieslaar 083 307 8384 [email protected]
Deputy Old Bill Rob Beech 082 892 2747 [email protected]
Adjutant Wessie Wessels  074 515 0202 [email protected]
Pay Bill Kevin Fenton   083 690 0089 [email protected]



Meetings take place on a rotational basis, being done in alphabetical order.  This is so that member of the shellhole can meet the top table.

See ERD Calendar for details.

ERD AGM July 2018

ERD Wins a Trophy at the Paltinum AGM July  2017

The East Rand District won the Doug Burman Trophy at the Platinum Provincial Dugout AGM on Saturday.

The trophy is for the most efficient reporting, attendance and participation in discussions at Provincial meetings


2017 -2018

Well the new look East Rand finished its first Term of office, and all but the Sergeant Major are available for the second term . The only other change is meeting will now rotate and be hosted by a different Shellhole every meeting.

The installations were done by Province Wee Bill  Adrian Eager and the Province Adj Reg Lotter. Lunch was provided by the East Rand MMA, and what a spread. They did them selves proud.

Picture of their Installation (Click to enlarge)